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Embracing the Break

Jenny and I each took vacations this winter, and where we each chose to go is pretty telling. If you'll remember, the premise of this blog is that Jenny loves winter, while my relationship to it has been more tenuous. Winter is Jenny's soul season, while I'm more of an autumn girl. So where did we… Continue reading Embracing the Break

Winter Philosophy

Embracing Muddy Moments

After the major blizzard and subzero temps of the past few weeks, we had our first real thaw a few days ago. It was really bizarre: the air was fifty to sixty degrees, the skies were blue, the sun shone. Birds sang and it felt like spring. Except for one thing: there was still a… Continue reading Embracing Muddy Moments

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The Best Books for Cozy Winter Reading

One thing we love about winter is that it naturally lends itself to reading. Nothing is more pleasant than cozying under a blanket with a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, and reading a good book. In fact, some of my earliest memories of winter are of reading inside during snowy, overcast days. My Mom… Continue reading The Best Books for Cozy Winter Reading

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Shopping for Swimsuits in 8 Degrees

I'll admit it: this is the part of winter when I start imagining summer. I don't even really like summer. But when you live near the Great Lakes and get twelve inches of snow in one weekend and spend three days under two layers of blankets because outside it's eight degrees, you start imagining summer.… Continue reading Shopping for Swimsuits in 8 Degrees

Winter Philosophy

A Day of Rest: What Religious Tradition and Weather Positivity Have in Common

You may have noticed that while we're pretty active with the blog and social media throughout the week, there's one day that The Winter Project ghosts the internet: Sunday. Jenny and I are both people of faith, and in our tradition, we believe that God directs people to take a day of rest. This principle has… Continue reading A Day of Rest: What Religious Tradition and Weather Positivity Have in Common

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Refresh Your Winter

Last weekend I was in Pittsburgh for a writer's residency at my grad school. Friday night was a string of free hours, and so I decided to take advantage of my proximity to all that the city offers, and go partying do a Target run. You know that really annoying moment when you have an idea… Continue reading Refresh Your Winter

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How Rituals Create Joy

The new year is less than 24 hours upon us, which means you probably have your plans all set to either dance the night away or celebrate a quiet night in. Jenny and I and our respective husbands are doing a little bit of both for our new years visit. Since moving apart after college… Continue reading How Rituals Create Joy

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Take a Moment

It's Christmas Eve, and last-minute preparations and reminders are all upon us. Last week was rather crazy for me. Deadlines, errands, and to-do lists piled up, and the rather peaceful and excited Advent season I've enjoyed since Thanksgiving seemed diminished and starved for joy. I'm sure you can relate: no matter how much we try… Continue reading Take a Moment

Winter Tips

Staying Toasty: Tips for a Cozy Winter

If you're anything like me, nothing saps your energy and joy more than being cold. As a person who's highly sensitive, extreme hot or cold drives me crazy, and cold weather especially makes me want to stay curled up in my nice warm bed all day. I gape in bewilderment at those people (we all… Continue reading Staying Toasty: Tips for a Cozy Winter