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Cozy Winter Music

A few weeks ago, I gave you all some recommendations for winter reading and watching. But of course, as much as we'd like to, we can't always be sitting down with a good book or curling up in front of the TV. Music offers a great way to keep the cozy vibes going while you… Continue reading Cozy Winter Music

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Shopping for Swimsuits in 8 Degrees

I'll admit it: this is the part of winter when I start imagining summer. I don't even really like summer. But when you live near the Great Lakes and get twelve inches of snow in one weekend and spend three days under two layers of blankets because outside it's eight degrees, you start imagining summer.… Continue reading Shopping for Swimsuits in 8 Degrees

Winter Tips

Coziness Tips for a Joyful Indoors

One drawback to cold weather is that we will naturally spend a lot more time inside than usual. Of course, this increased time indoors does have an up side (more time to read, to be cozy, to tackle household projects, etc.), but the reality is that being in one place for so long has the… Continue reading Coziness Tips for a Joyful Indoors

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Take a Moment

It's Christmas Eve, and last-minute preparations and reminders are all upon us. Last week was rather crazy for me. Deadlines, errands, and to-do lists piled up, and the rather peaceful and excited Advent season I've enjoyed since Thanksgiving seemed diminished and starved for joy. I'm sure you can relate: no matter how much we try… Continue reading Take a Moment

Winter Tips

Staying Toasty: Tips for a Cozy Winter

If you're anything like me, nothing saps your energy and joy more than being cold. As a person who's highly sensitive, extreme hot or cold drives me crazy, and cold weather especially makes me want to stay curled up in my nice warm bed all day. I gape in bewilderment at those people (we all… Continue reading Staying Toasty: Tips for a Cozy Winter