My name is Hannah, and I love winter more than I used to.

I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in small-town Western Pennsylvania, about fifteen miles away from my now-husband, Alex. We met in high school and got married in college, which happened to be Geneva College, where Jenny happened to be a student as well. I met Jenny in editing class, where we sat in the back and were partners for a whole semester. Because we shared a major (writing), we continued to work together on projects and adventures, including writing silly short stories, parodying Christmas carols, running into famous writers at a writing conference, and coming up with illuminating new theories about Shakespeare plays (only some of these things were strictly for school purposes). One night over tea we swapped life stories, and we’ve been dear friends ever since.

Now I’m a freelance writer and part-time florist, while I study for my MFA in writing at Carlow University. I have a personal blog, Hannah Writes, where I explore life and art and faith and all that good stuff. In my spare time I love to read, knit, and be lazy with my husband.

Jenny and I decided to put together this blog after much reading, conversation, and general musing about a concept we’re really passionate about: joy. Joy is often put in such spiritual terms, and that’s great, but we think it’s practical too. We think joy is often closer than we realize, and by listening and paying attention to what’s going on around us, we can get more in tune with the joy inside, as well.

So join us for this cozy, joyful, celebratory, Winter Project.