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Embracing the Break

Jenny and I each took vacations this winter, and where we each chose to go is pretty telling. If you'll remember, the premise of this blog is that Jenny loves winter, while my relationship to it has been more tenuous. Winter is Jenny's soul season, while I'm more of an autumn girl. So where did we… Continue reading Embracing the Break

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Press On, Dear Friends

Dear Winter Project Reader, It’s the last Thursday I’ll be writing to you during the proper winter season. March 20th marks the proper beginning of the spring season. Whether the weather responds to that or not is yet to be seen. I want to thank you for joining us this winter. Thank you for learning… Continue reading Press On, Dear Friends

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Creative Indoor Hobbies to Get You Through the Last of Winter

The calendar says it's almost spring, but the weather might be telling another story. The days yo-yo between the start of something new and the same old same old. It's difficult to keep up with, if only to pick out what to wear each day. It's not really spring; it's sort of winter; it's Spring-ish.… Continue reading Creative Indoor Hobbies to Get You Through the Last of Winter

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5 Yummy Winter Recipes

It’s on secret that every season has its own foods. Yet another reason I look forward to winter is the ability to eat lots of soups, chilis, and crock pot dishes. Besides being relatively quick to make, soups and chilis are also the type of food that make leftovers, a must for a busy family. Below I have shared 5 of my husband and my favorite winter foods. There’s some soups, a bread, and even a favorite dessert (not necessarily exclusive to winter, but you know…).

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Cozy Winter Music

A few weeks ago, I gave you all some recommendations for winter reading and watching. But of course, as much as we'd like to, we can't always be sitting down with a good book or curling up in front of the TV. Music offers a great way to keep the cozy vibes going while you… Continue reading Cozy Winter Music

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The Best Books for Cozy Winter Reading

One thing we love about winter is that it naturally lends itself to reading. Nothing is more pleasant than cozying under a blanket with a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, and reading a good book. In fact, some of my earliest memories of winter are of reading inside during snowy, overcast days. My Mom… Continue reading The Best Books for Cozy Winter Reading

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Refresh Your Winter

Last weekend I was in Pittsburgh for a writer's residency at my grad school. Friday night was a string of free hours, and so I decided to take advantage of my proximity to all that the city offers, and go partying do a Target run. You know that really annoying moment when you have an idea… Continue reading Refresh Your Winter

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Coziness Tips for a Joyful Indoors

One drawback to cold weather is that we will naturally spend a lot more time inside than usual. Of course, this increased time indoors does have an up side (more time to read, to be cozy, to tackle household projects, etc.), but the reality is that being in one place for so long has the… Continue reading Coziness Tips for a Joyful Indoors