About Us

What comes to mind when you think about winter? Are you one of those people who eagerly anticipate the first snowfall, the sharp smell of snow in the air and the taste of cold on your tongue? Or do you focus on getting through the winter months, tolerating the cold and ice until the earth comes alive again? Or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle, depending on the day’s weather.

We’re Jenny and Hannah, two friends and writers who grew up in Pennsylvania, USA, where the winters are long and snowy. Jenny is a winter lover to the core, while Hannah is more of an autumn girl who has grown to appreciate winter more in the past few years.


Both of us, however, have noticed something: often, our perception of seasons is shaped not by our own likes and dislikes, but by the culture we are in. Growing up in the American Northeast, we both experienced the negative culture that surrounds the colder months. The weather, and by extension the people who have to live in it, takes on a dreary, miserable, isolating attitude, and there’s a lot of dread and lack of joy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With this blog, this Winter Project, we want to explore how our perceptions of cold weather—and as a result, our experience—can change. We want to be a place that sees the joy, the celebration, and the magic in embracing the ebb and flow of the seasons. We truly believe that winter gives us all the chance to take a break, to be quiet, and to listen to our souls.


Join us as we find the coziness in the cold, together.