Winter Philosophy

TTFN (Ta-Ta For Now)

We’ve made it to April, and it’s hard to believe this Winter Project is about to come to a close. We hope our content has helped you stay encouraged, think more hopefully, and find the coziness in the cold. We know it’s hard to stay positive at times, whether you didn’t get the snow you wanted, or you got the snow you really didn’t think you needed. It was our goal to bring encouragement, perspective, and joy to a time that’s often dull and lacking inspiration.

And even though with the advent of spring, this blog will be taking a rest, we hope those concepts of joy, rest, and rhythm stay with you into the rest of the year. Each season can teach things when we take a moment to listen, and that’s what the Winter Project is all about.

So enjoy your spring, summer, and fall. We’ll be enjoying each month too, until it’s time to be here again for the first day of winter in December. Until then, we wish you joy and coziness, no matter what the weather may be.


Hannah and Jenny.


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