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Press On, Dear Friends

Dear Winter Project Reader,

It’s the last Thursday I’ll be writing to you during the proper winter season. March 20th marks the proper beginning of the spring season. Whether the weather responds to that or not is yet to be seen.

I want to thank you for joining us this winter. Thank you for learning with us. Thank you for questioning cultural norms. Thank you for allowing us to challenge you to respond differently this season.

We’ve been through something like twelve weeks of winter. Twelve weeks! Some of us loved it, some of us were bored by it, and other of us pretty nearly fought their way through it. But you know what, we’re making it! Day after day we rise, work, eat, play, and go to sleep again. And sure enough, the sun is returning. The temperatures are rising. And the plants are begging to come up.

However, I feel it important to warn you. I have to warn you that the next few weeks will present their own set of trials. There are going to be days where it’s 55 and sunny and you will believe the winter is solidly behind us. Hold those days close. Let the light fill you up. Feel the breeze on your cheeks. Spend time outside without a coat.

Because, there are definitely still going to be gray, cold, dreary days. Maybe not many of them, but they will still be there. And when they come, you’re going to be tempted to ignore all the things that we’ve learned about appreciating the good and the bad. Loving the seasons for their sake. Respecting the weather. You’re going to want to curse the weather and be annoyed.

However, I implore you: don’t let the negativity win.

Yes, you’re so over winter (let’s be honest, winter’s probably over us too), but being angry and grumpy about it won’t make it go away any faster. I want to encourage you to be strong. Dare to appreciate everyday for what it is. Dare to not go along with everyone who grumbles about it. Dare to grow.

I believe in you.

Join Hannah and I as we press toward spring with positivity, joy, and contentment.

Below I’ve highlighted some of our posts sure to help you get through the rest of winter:

If you need help knowing where to start, check out How to Get Things Done in Winter. In this post I help you get out of bed and tackling that to due list. From tips on how to set your alarm clock to a new way to organize your apps, I’ve got you!

In case you needed a little reminder of the importance of not just going along with the crowd (you know, we never did quite learn that from our mothers), look no further than Social Snow Hating. Here I remind us that there is so much power in societal negativity surrounding a thing, in this case, winter. But the lessons here can really be applied more broadly. Check it out if you want a challenge to your thinking.

On an extremely practical level, Hannah teaches us about rituals and how they can help create joy in your life. How Rituals Create Joy includes three really practical ways that we can incorporate rituals in our life.

Finally, before we launch headlong into summer, I want to encourage each of us to examine our schedules and maybe change a few things to allow ourselves rest. In A Day of Rest, Hannah explains the power of rest and why we do it. I can say from personal experience, learning to take a rest day has revitalized my life. I’ve been at it for about a year now and has been one of the most life giving practices ever.

I hope you find the above posts to be a helpful resource to you as you persevere through the end of of this season and into the next. (Check out The Winter Project home page for more posts!)

We’re almost there, lovelies.

Press on.

All my love,


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