Winter Tips

Creative Indoor Hobbies to Get You Through the Last of Winter

The calendar says it’s almost spring, but the weather might be telling another story. The days yo-yo between the start of something new and the same old same old. It’s difficult to keep up with, if only to pick out what to wear each day. It’s not really spring; it’s sort of winter; it’s Spring-ish.

If you’re anything like me, the season of Spring-ish is a time where you want to prepare for and usher in a new, fresh season, but cold temps make it more practical to stay inside. It’s easy to get restless, to give in to cabin fever. I often find myself mindlessly scrolling through my phone in an attempt to get some kind of inspiration. Spoiler: it doesn’t work.

Typically, we associate spring with color, vibrance, and new life. And this is apt; spring literally brings those things into the natural world. But what if we could ease the passage of winter into spring by creating some color, vibrance, and fresh new life ourselves, without waiting for spring to bring it to us?

Here are five ideas to inspire creativity and fun while you’re still stuck inside. Let’s prepare ourselves for the new season while we appreciate and make the most of the one we are leaving behind.


I’ve talked about painting here before. It’s truly a fantastic way to bring in some color and exercise your creativity. It’s inexpensive to buy the supplies: you can pick up a decent watercoloring set, brushes, and paper for under $20. And it provides hours of quiet, contemplative mindfulness. I’ll often spend an afternoon painting with my sister and mom. After the effort I put in as a writer being creative with my words, it’s nice to have something colorful and visual to create with. You can do this, of course, with coloring books and pencils as well. No matter what exactly you do, the point is to create some beauty. And, even better: you now have something to decorate with!

Knit or Crochet

When I was in college, I set up little get-togethers with my small circle of friends. The official name for these meetings “Knitting Night,” but people brought crochet, needlepoint, or even homework. We had tea and snacks, and it was a really nice hour or two of visiting and creativity. Sometimes we were working on projects for ourselves, gifts for other people, or first-time, simple projects to learn the craft.

Knitting and crochet lend themselves wonderfully to this kind of social gathering, but they make a great solitary activity, too. It’s fun to come up with a project, pick out the colors, and envision it as you build it little by little. I like to knit while I listen to podcasts or watch TV with my husband, and so it becomes something that’s mine alone, but that I share with others too.

Game night

Indoor stuff doesn’t have to all be art projects, either! Invite some friends together (or just your household), make some popcorn and punch or cocoa, and have a game night! We do this a lot over the holidays and the summertime, but game nights lend themselves well to chilly Spring-ish evenings.


Music is one of those things that decompresses and relaxes us. It lifts us out of where we are and suspends us in a new world for a little bit. Last Christmas I got a ukulele, and even though I’m not really studious or especially talented with it, it’s still fun to have something that I can pick up and make music with easily. It’s a calming kind of creativity.

Even if you can’t play an instrument, listening to music with your family and friends is also a great pastime. My husband and I often jam out to Spotify while we do the dishes. My sister and I will have some tea while our favorite indie songs play in the background. And to me, music is super seasonal. The right songs can put me in a springy or wintery mood.

Need some tunes to get you started? Check out our Winter Project Spotify playlist!


I can’t leave this one out. Reading is a great, cozy indoor activity that also translates awesomely as the weather warms up. From a comfy couch to a breezy patio, reading fits into every season!

But sometimes you can get into a reading rut, especially toward the end of winter, when we tend to feel uninspired about everything. To combat this, I like to try reading something new and unusual, something that catches no matter how frivolous or weird it seems. By reading stuff that piques my interest, I’ve discovered new things about psychology, fashion, health, and history, or new stories that capture my imagination and haunt my memory. Walk through your library and pick up a book that sticks out to you—however unexpectedly—or buy a book recommended to you on Amazon or Goodreads, and see what you find!


Whatever you do to bring a spark of creativity into the changing of the seasons, I hope it brings you joy and vibrance. Do you have any ideas to add to the list? Let us know!

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