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Shopping for Swimsuits in 8 Degrees

I'll admit it: this is the part of winter when I start imagining summer. I don't even really like summer. But when you live near the Great Lakes and get twelve inches of snow in one weekend and spend three days under two layers of blankets because outside it's eight degrees, you start imagining summer.… Continue reading Shopping for Swimsuits in 8 Degrees

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A Day of Rest: What Religious Tradition and Weather Positivity Have in Common

You may have noticed that while we're pretty active with the blog and social media throughout the week, there's one day that The Winter Project ghosts the internet: Sunday. Jenny and I are both people of faith, and in our tradition, we believe that God directs people to take a day of rest. This principle has… Continue reading A Day of Rest: What Religious Tradition and Weather Positivity Have in Common

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Refresh Your Winter

Last weekend I was in Pittsburgh for a writer's residency at my grad school. Friday night was a string of free hours, and so I decided to take advantage of my proximity to all that the city offers, and go partying do a Target run. You know that really annoying moment when you have an idea… Continue reading Refresh Your Winter

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Coziness Tips for a Joyful Indoors

One drawback to cold weather is that we will naturally spend a lot more time inside than usual. Of course, this increased time indoors does have an up side (more time to read, to be cozy, to tackle household projects, etc.), but the reality is that being in one place for so long has the… Continue reading Coziness Tips for a Joyful Indoors

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever. This will only last a season. This too shall pass. Trite phrases like the ones above are often shared when someone is going through something difficult. They’re a sort of encouragement. They offer hope that something less then desirable will soon be but a memory. However, if you’re someone like me, these… Continue reading Nothing Lasts Forever