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Welcome to The Winter Project!

Do you love wintertime, but struggle with the negativity that often surrounds the season? Or do you hate cold, dreary weather, and wish you could take more enjoyment and positivity from the colder half of the year?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice—the official start of winter—is only days away. But depending on where you are, there’s already been a lot of cold, darkness, and maybe even snow. It can be hard to stay positive and joyful when the world around you feels cold, dark, and grumpy.

We at the Winter Project want to explore another way. We want to be a place of positivity, community, and joy. We want to help you find the coziness in the cold, no matter what your personal opinions on winter and cold weather are. We believe the seasons are valuable, that they can teach us things about our own souls if we only take the time to listen.

Our blog will officially launch on the winter solstice: Friday, December 21. Until then, we look forward to building a community of celebration and joy, finding the coziness in the cold together.

Stay tuned!

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